Our Team

It took several months for Dan to select the woodworkers and glassblowers to produce these lamps. Each individual is not only at the master level in their field, but also expressed particular interest in solving the challenges these unique lamps produce and were excited about seeing these designs become reality. 

Dan Trachtman
Dan Trachtman is the owner and creative vision behind Stone and Dove products. He worked as a graphic designer and creative director for over twenty years doing work for a variety of clients such as The National Gallery of Art, NPR and Library of Congress before shifting his focus to three-dimensional objects. He has taught design on the college level and holds an MFA in Design from California College of the Arts. 

His interest in hardwood lighting began with furniture building in his modest basement woodshop. He soon learned that to truly bring his ideas to life he needed the most skilled woodworkers on his team and the right glassblower for the handmade glass components. 

Paul Deosaren and Matt Wilson, Concept Wood Design
Paul and Matt of Concept Wood Design share a love of the craft as well complimentary skills that make them an exceptional team. Paul is a sophisticated problem solver who is comfortable employing the most advanced woodworking techniques when needed. Matt’s background includes 3D modeling and drafting and brings modern approaches to production. Their shop has an extensive collection of wood species all carefully sourced from suppliers they know well.

Tom Scheve, TCS Woodworking
Tom has been a woodworker for over 25 years and spent most of it focused on high end cabinetry and fine furniture. He says he has always worked alone because he has not been able to find an assistant as passionate and fastidious to the details as he is. Despite his love of traditional techniques, he also knows how to use modern machining techniques when necessary. 

Tim McFadden, McFadden Art Glass
Tim is possibly one of the most talented glass blowers on the east coast if not the country. Dan discovered him after a very experienced glass artist described him as, “the best he had ever seen.” Tim has blown everything from Chihuly style fixtures to intricate goblets. What he brings to Stone and Dove lamps elevates each to one of a kind works of art.