Our Story

Stone and Dove Hardwood Lighting is a collaboration between Dan Trachtman, the owner and designer, and a small group of master woodworkers and glassblowers.  Each piece is a confluence between fine woodworking and beautiful hand blown glass. Often utilizing some of the most memorable vocabularies from the Art Deco age, all pieces use traditional joinery techniques and are designed to last several lifetimes. 

The name of the company comes from the Hebrew translations of Dan’s kids’ names - “Evan” meaning Stone and “Jonah” meaning Dove. The words also seemed fitting because they speak to both timelessness and durability as well as beauty and harmony.

The products are still in development. 3D computer models are displayed on this website. Join our distribution list at the bottom of the page to be notified when they are ready for purchase.  Learn more about our team and the process involved in creating these pieces. We stand behind our work with a “Forever Guarantee.

Our Collection

We are launching with six models. New models are already in development and will be added shortly. Each piece uses carefully selected domestic hardwoods with dramatic contrasts such as Maple, Cherry and Walnut. All details are carefully considered during construction such as grain direction, the locations of unique figures, and attractive imperfections. The beauty of the wood will continue to evolve over time with some woods darkening more than others.