maple tree The Beginning
Each tree is unique and therefore results in a one of a kind piece. The wood used is carefully selected for its grain and suitability for dye. Only sustainable and renewable domestic hardwoods are used.
wood block for turning Turning
This piece starts with solid blocks of kiln dried walnut and maple that are glued together and placed in a lathe. They are then turned and shaped with traditional carving tools.
applying dye Dying
The dying process is particularly magical. Custom non-toxic dye mixtures highlight the beauty of the wood while adding a new aesthetic element not found in nature. After dying, holes are drilled for the electrical components.
completed turned piece Finishing and Wiring
Each lamp is sealed, finished with several coats of wood finish, and then hand polished to a beautiful luster.

After construction, each piece goes through a complete UL certification process. All fixtures use standard E26 medium base sockets to accommodate a wide variety
of bulbs.

Most packaging is 100% biodegradable.