Our Story

Dan Trachtman is the owner and designer behind Stone and Dove Hardwood Lighting.  He believes that fine woodworking has a unique place in the luxury lighting space and that handmade beauty adds a warmth that one cannot find in mass produced items.

Stone & Dove’s name comes from the Hebrew translations of Dan’s kids’ names - “Evan” meaning stone and “Jonah” meaning dove. The words also speak to the durability of the traditional craftsmanship as well as the timelessness, beauty, and harmony of the natural materials.

Each lamp is produced using sustainable domestic hardwoods and use packaging materials that are 100% biodegradable.

Dan holds an MFA in Design from California College of the Arts. Before exploring the world of hardwood lighting, he worked as a graphic designer and creative director for over twenty years, doing work for a variety of clients such as The National Gallery of Art, NPR and The Library of Congress. He has also taught design on the college level.

His interest in hardwood lighting began with furniture building in his modest basement wood shop. His first creations, the table lamps, were the result of a collaboration with skilled woodworkers and glassblowers in the Baltimore area. He is now focused on using his skills as a wood turner to create one of a kind ceiling fixtures that are meant to enhance and transform spaces from residential kitchens to restaurants and hotels.